January 4, 2007

Throughout my life I have tended to become obsessive with my current interests.  Interests have varied from studying astronomy to playing tennis or golf.  Learning photography.  Bike riding. Fishing.  Writing and Reading. I can name most birds on site. I’ve tried painting (and failed).  Classical music. Gardening.  I tend to immerse myself in whatever my current interest is.  I started jogging for exercise and couldn’t go 100 yards without stopping.   I tried going a few feet farther each day, and 10 months after that first jog, I ran a marathon (most would categorize my speed as a slow jog).  Many interests have stayed with me to some extent and occassionally I return to something with the same passion.  Reading is the one interest that has been a regular part of my days.

I think I now have a nice balance in my life.  A year ago I decided to start piano lessons, which occupy some of my free time each evening.  My daughter wants to run a half marathon with me, so I have started training for that each day.  An hour of relaxation with my wife- typically a tv show we both enjoy (although I envy Dorothy’s home without a tv), and the rest of the evening fills with the latest book I am reading.  If I keep up the blogging, which I think I will, at least this bit of writing adds yet another dimension.

Life is good.


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