Book Trailers ????

January 8, 2007

Maybe I need to get out from behind the pages more often, but I didn’t know that book trailers even existed. w of Loud Solitude left this link in a recent comment, and it is hilarious as well as appealing. I wonder if this is going to catch on. Based on the quality of this trailer, it wouldn’t surprise me. Please check out the book trailer from The Mystery Guest.
The other link that was included in the comment, was also very interesting. First time I’ve seen something like this as well.


One Response to “Book Trailers ????”

  1. w Says:

    Isn’t it a hoot? When I first saw the trailer, I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

    I don’t think book trailers are that popular yet; the editor decided to do this as a gag, I think, and also of course to promote the odd book in a unique way (the blonde in the trailer is also an editor at FSG, and her boyfriend is the trailer’s director). The stunt seems to have paid off, as you can read about it at The Elegant Variation, Maud Newton, and some other spots (a newspaper mention somewhere, too, if I recall).

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