The Reading Room

January 30, 2007

About 15 years ago, due to unusual and unavoidable circumstances, I lost my reading room- the retreat at home where I could close the doors, blocking out all the normal, but distracting sounds of family life. I recently recovered the room and now I’m trying to construct the perfect reading space. The bookshelves and lighting will be pretty easy- I love going to websites like Levengers just to look at things that I can’t usually afford. As long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued by the paraphernalia of reading and writing- pens, pencils and papers. Journals. Diaries. Desk accessories and little lights that one can clip on books. I can’t walk past an office supply store without at least a quick trip through the aisles. (I miss all the independent stores- the chains are much less interesting, and are becoming overrun with electronics). I have a collection of journals- many never used. I own reading glasses- 1.25x, 1.50x and 2x- now I read best with no enhancement. I have fountain pens that are gorgeous, but not practical. I love Moleskines. I remember once being intrigued by art tools and I bought a set of watercolors and set out to become an artist. My first attempt was awful and I gave up, but I still like looking at brushes and little tubes of paint. Maybe it is just an obsession with the whole concept of art in all of its renditions. Wow- what a digression. What I want right now is the ideal reading chair. I’ve looked at recliners (Barcaloungers are beautiful things). I’ve looked at non-recliners with matching ottomans, or the huge cushy arms perfect for draping the legs over. Reading in bed is nice, but there is nothing like the perfect chair, with the perfect lighting, overlooking a well-filled bookshelf setting on a hardwood floor with a lovely rug to enhance all the woodwork. But where do I find the right chair?


2 Responses to “The Reading Room”

  1. w Says:

    Have you found a chair yet? I’m fascinated by the idea of a reading room, considering all I have room for in my studio apartment are the basic designations of space: eating area, living room, tiny writing area, and bed. Won’t you post a pic of your reading room when you’ve finished furnishing it?

  2. Brad Says:

    w – I have not picked a chair yet. I have to save some money for that and some decent bookshelves. I will surely post a picture when I complete the space. I have never lived in a studio apartment, but it always seemed intriguing to me, as does living in a city with interesting bookshops. Based upon your posts, it is clear that the apartment provides the atmosphere for inspired thinking and writing.

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