Personal Note

February 22, 2007

My posting may be a little sporadic throughout the next week. My son is getting deployed to Iraq in less than 2 weeks, so my wife and I are driving down to Georgia to visit for a few days. After deployments to Korea, Afghanistan, and the last trip to Iraq, it seems like we would be getting used to it. It never gets easier. I don’t think parents ever get used to seeing one of their children heading into harm’s way.


7 Responses to “Personal Note”

  1. Dorothy W. Says:

    Have a good visit, and best wishes to your son.

  2. LK Says:

    May your son be safe.

  3. Stefanie Says:

    Brad, I hope you have a good visit and your son returns whole and safe.

  4. w Says:

    Sending strength vibes to you and your family. yrs,w

  5. Ex Libris Says:

    Wishing you a good trip and visit. Will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

  6. JCR Says:

    Please know that your son will be on my prayers and in the prayers of those I work with (we pray daily for our troops). I personally know how difficult this is–I am a veteran of the first Iraqi war.

  7. Brad Says:

    Thanks to everyone for your support, prayers, and kindnesses. I’ve missed my blogging friends for the last few weeks.

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