Since I am not html or css savvy, I tried to think of a way add a little color and interest to my blog. I thought that linking a picture of the book I am reading to a little part of my life would be fun. I may feature a book in a spot that is consistent with the theme of the book, or in some cases, a spot that is ridiculously inconsistent with the book. It may be just a whimsical setting.

That said- Here is Gilgamesh. The concept of a story recorded on stone tablets milleniums ago juxtaposed with a 21st century rubber duck produced last year in China, is interesting, don’t you think? I am comfortable enough with my manhood to admit that sometimes a capful of Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath from Bath and Body Works in a hot tub of water, accompanied by a glass or cupful of whatever beverage appeals at the moment, is very relaxing. The tradition actually started when the house was full of kids with all their accoutrements of noisemaking. The confines of the bathroom with the essential white noise of the fan, became my reading retreat. And Duckie does say “For All Ages” on the bottom.Gilgamesh


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